Step 1: Prepare

If you have compilation enabled, please disable it before installing the extension. You can check compilation state at System>Tools>Compilation, see “Compiler Status”)

Recommend from Magento Connect that should make a database and source code backup, do yourself if you think it is necessary.

Step 2 : Download a package

Download module package from Lotus Breath Store from an email link or account dashboard.

A package file will have a name following :


Download 7-ZIP to extract .tgz file. Download from

Step 3: Upload files to your root folder of your website

Upload the contents of the module package files to the Magento root folder. This will not overwrite the existing Magento folders or files, only the new content will be added.
Please make sure that the following directories of your Magento and all directories and files inside them have full Read/Write/eXecute permissions (usually 0755 for directories and 0644 for files) while the extension is being installed

Step 4: Disable cache

Disable cache at System> Cache Management.

Step 5: Active an extension

In Admin area go to System > Advanced > Advanced . Select “enable” against the corresponding extension and click “Save” config button.
Sometimes the extension might need additional folder permissions. If so, appropriate notifications will be displayed. If you encounter some issues during installation, please contact us via [email protected]

Step 6 : Enable cache again

Enable cache at System> Cache Management.

Step 7 : Restore permissions of files and folders

After Installation and Activation of the extension, you can set back default permission settings for /app/ folder (Read permissions for a web server for whole /app/ and write permission for a web server for /app/etc/ recursively).

Important: /var/ folder has to be writeable for a web server. You can find the info on how to setup permissions for a web server at the Help section of the control panel of your server.

Step 8 : Recompile

Recompile and re-­enable compilation if you had it enabled in Step 1

Urgent deactivation in case of emergency:

If something goes wrong …, please do steps below

1. Manually delete the content of the following folders in your Magento root: var/cache/* and var/session/*

2. Make sure you’ve uploaded all files from the downloaded package. Then replace true with false in the following files: app/etc/modules/[extension_name].xml